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At ETS, the European organization of the tissue producers, we are proud to offer products which improve hygienic conditions and quality of life. The members of ETS are committed to use renewable raw materials, either obtained from certified forests or from recovered fibres.


One of the most important factors for the development  of our modern society is hygiene. Good health and high quality of life are directlyrelated to good hygiene. One of the most important products for good hygiene is tissue paper, developed for all kinds of wiping and cleaning. But tissue paper also has other functions in society, both for consumers and for many businesses. Tissue at home categories include toilet paper, household towels, paper napkins, facials and handkerchiefs, while Away From Home categories also include hands towels (for the best hand hygiene) and wipers for  cleaning. Tissue home products are unique for hygiene, convenience, disposability and they are an essential ingredient of a healthy and busy life. Welcome to the web site of the European Tissue Symposium (ETS), the Trade Association representing tissue paper producers throughout Europe. You can read about most aspects of modern tissue paper on these pages and you are welcome contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

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We are grateful for your questions, thoughts or viewpoints. Please send an e-mail to the ETS info box: info@europeantissue.com

Click to see the WHO Handswashing Poster

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See the page with the University of Westminster peer-reviewed and published study, which suggests that single use towels are the most hygienic way to dry hands after visiting the washroom

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